About our Angels

Our range of angel jewellery has been made in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. No plastic has been used and our jewellery boxes are fully recyclable. Our business cards, promotional items and postage envelopes are made from recycled materials. 

Our Angel Process

Every ‘angel of hope’ piece of jewellery has been lovingly manufactured, processed and packaged before it has been delivered to you. Firstly, Steve and his team at the famous jewellery quarter in Birmingham make our angels. Every angel is hand crafted and handled at least 28 times before they are sent for extra polishing.

The angels then travel locally to Marie and her team at the Birmingham Assay office for lazer hallmarking. All items being sold as gold, silver, platinum or palladium in the UK must be hallmarked to confirm that they meet the legal standard.

Our Hallmark

Our hallmark is totally unique to us. The three symbols, ‘A O H’ stand for ‘Angel of Hope’ and our hallmark will appear on each piece of jewellery.

Once hallmarking has been completed, Steve collects them to be cleaned once more prior to sending them to Nic, my sister in Hampshire.

At the same time, Alfred and his team (who  secured financing and support on Dragon’s Den, many congratulations!) make our beautiful recycled boxes and Callum, who sources our chains from Italy send their items to Nic for assembly, packaging and delivery.

Nic looks after your orders from the moment you ‘buy’ online all the way through to delivery. She has a keen eye for detail and kindly assembles the necklaces for you, prepares them for posting using our fully recycled postage envelopes and then takes care of delivery.

No single use plastic has been used during the whole process and our carbon footprint is low. Everyone we work with are kind, friendly, helpful, caring and importantly, are extremely environmentally conscious. They have all won awards for their ecological/recycling practices.

Reiki Healing

Every item will receive also Reiki healing before it reaches you. Reiki is a wonderful way to bring healing and balance into your life. Because Reiki is the enhancement and re-balancing of energies, you can use it on objects as well as on people to create a more peaceful, soothing, and harmonious environment for the receiver.

Each angel receives Reiki healing from our lovely Reiki practitioners, Tippy and Helen.

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