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Our small luxury batches of natural soap are traditionally crafted by hand using the cold process technique. Made from beautiful 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and butters, they are also enhanced with botanicals and exfoliants from the garden. A non toxic treat for the body, mind and spirit and kind on the environment.

The soaps are made as naturally as possible and recyclable or recycled materials are used to label the soaps and for packaging.

What are essential oils?

  • Pure natural extracts created by plants they are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs
  • Natures defence mechanism for plants and cells
  • Small, light molecules that are steam distilled or pressed from plants.
  • Safe, effective, affordable alternatives to synthetic remedies
  • Highly concentrated blends of natural substances that have been used for thousands of years
  • They have profound health benefits, including antiseptic properties, an ability to lessen pain, ease feelings of depression, enhance memory and decrease inflammation

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