My Story

After my mother died in 2001, it felt like I had physically lost a limb. I was emotionally lost and grieving badly. I returned to work after a week but found it difficult to concentrate and all I remember is that the first six months were a blur. As time went on, my relationship with my father deteriorated and our once close family unit began to fall apart.

After a few years really struggling, I decided to leave the UK for a fresh start. I gave up my job in marketing and went sailing. With a father in the Navy, sailing was in the blood and I began cooking on super-yachts. Cooking however, wasn’t in the blood, that was something I had to learn ‘on the job’!

After extensively sailing Europe and the Caribbean, I decided to return to the UK to train as a massage therapist. I qualified in 2007, went back to the Caribbean and started my massage business, massaging the yachting and local community. I was still grieving but existing.

Just as I was starting to feel like things were more stable, my grandmother died. She was followed 3 months later by my father, who died within months of being diagnosed with bowel cancer. I managed to get back to see him before he died and we reconciled our differences. He died in peace but the grief of my mother’s loss hit me all over again, and I felt I was grieving our entire family.

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"My angel gives me a real sense of hope. When I hold it in my fingers during times of sadness and stress and somehow I felt calm and comforted." Sally Woods

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