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Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickers (ORB) create harmony, balance or resonance between the microwave radiation fields of your devices and the energy field of the human body.

Why should I buy an Omnia Radiation (ORB) sticker rather than a piece of Shungite or a Tesla Purple Plate ?

They all do same thing with regards to harmonising electromagnetic frequencies you must choose the protection that is right for you and your family depending on what resonates with you.  Click on the options below to discover more.

Why are Omnia Stickers so incredible?

Omnia stickers bring any man-made radiation field into resonance and harmony with your body.

Omnia (ORB) Stickers: 

  • Are a simple sticker patch that you can apply directly to any radiating device to harmonise the radiation 
  • The balancing effects last forever because the energy in the patch never runs out

How many stickers will you need to buy?

Conduct an audit on your family.  How much does your lifestyle expose you to Microwave Radiation and EMFs?

As a starting point here are just some off the high volume devices that you may have:

Mobile phone, landline phone, laptops, tablets, computers, wifi routers, smart meters, smart TVS, smart watch, the car, fridge, microwave oven, even the baby monitor!

 Answer these four questions about your lifestyle and your EMF exposure.

  • How many screens do you have in your house/ office/ car? 
  • What level of exposure, proximity, and volume do you incur on each one?
  • Do you have Internet and wireless connected devices, like a bluetooth toothbrush? 
  • What changes can you make? Like hardwiring your HiFi speakers? 

Make a list for each member of your family.

Now that you have compiled your list  you will see your level of exposure.  What are the simple changes that you can make in order to reduce EMF exposure in your day to day life.

    How to buy your Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickers?

    To buy single Omnia stickers please visit our Omnia Shop.   

    To order the larger 6 and 12 packs please follow our affiliate link to Omnia.

    Are our devices a threat to our health?

    It is up to you to judge whether microwave radiation from your devices is a threat to your health.  Although we share the research that we have found most informative to this area, we recommend that you do your own reading into studies around EMFs to assess the risks on a personal level.

    If you are interested to read more on this topic please follow these links to a sample of the most recent research and 3rd Party scientific studies. 

    How to bring your body back to natural balance:

    There are holistic improvements that you can make to your life to make sure your body can detox and repair itself.

    Here are our recommendations to help bring balance back to your body:

    Being in loving relationships

    Always making time to spend in nature and the sunshine

    Listening to harmonius sounds like music based on 432 Hz or to soothing Zaphir wind chimes

    Aiming to drink clean, filtered and purified water like Kangen Water or Shungite Water

    Nurturing yourself with yoga, massage, relaxation and breath-work

    Eating organically produced or homegrown food and using essential oils daily


    What are the implications of the 5G rollout?

    Moving towards 5G, where a cell tower could be placed every few hundred metres down the road and with thousands of satellites littering the sky, is the biggest technology experiment humanity has ever imposed upon itself. Our modern lives are becoming bombarded with more microwave radiofrequency energy at a volume that our bodies have never before been exposed to. No one is sure what effects this will have. Whatever the volume of radiating wave fields we are walking through or touching, we are dedicated to ensuring that your personal energy fields stay balanced.

    Have a look at our IBRIUM-C60 Shungite Radiation/EMF Protection Base Coat Paint to see how you can help protect you and your family whilst in your home.


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