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Essential Oils – A Natural Choice:

In today’s world of artificially high healthcare cost and artificial drugs, millions of people are returning to nature to find relief from everyday health concerns. While plants have been used for over a millennia to fight disease and to help ease pain and discomfort, individuals are increasingly beginning to rediscover some of the amazing health benefits of pure, natural essential oils. Essential oils are made from the roots, bark, leaves, stems, flowers, seeds and sap of plants, trees, bushes and herbs and they are highly concentrated and if they are 100% pure, they have wonderful therapeutic (corrective) benefits.

How Plants Naturally Fight Against Natures Threats?

  • Guard against sun damage
  • Attract pollinators
  • Assist during periods of low nutrients
  • Protect during temperature extremes
  • Heal after herbivore eating damage
  • Repel insects
  • Resist microbial attack

What are Essential Oils?

  • Pure natural extracts created by plants (50-70 times more powerful than herbs)
  • Natures defense mechanism for plants and cells
  • Small, light molecules that are steam distilled (or pressed) from plants.
  • Safe, effective, affordable alternative to synthetic remedies
  • Highly concentrated blends of natural substances that have been used for thousands of years
  • They have profound health benefits, including antiseptic properties, an ability to lessen pain, ease feelings of depression, enhance memory and decrease inflammation.

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