Advanced Oil Magic for Essential Oils €30



Advanced Oil Magic for Essential Oils

This a fabulous reference guide/bible to essential oils and covers:

  • what are essential oils
  • how to use them whether aromatically, topically or internally
  • safety guidelines for adults, children, pregnancy and for those on medication or with sensitive skin
  • things to keep in mind when using essential oils
  • how oils can be used in reflexology
  • how to make blends
  • an A-Z guide of Ailments and Conditions showing which oils are best to use
  • an A-Z guide with information about each individual oil, their main properties, chemical consitituents, top uses and possible recipes
  • an A-Z guide of oil blends
  • protocols for certain conditions/ailments
  • how to manage lifestyle issues eg: mental health, cancer, gut repair, kids and love life
  • how to manage emotions
  • the science behind essential oils
  • a detailed list of references

“I love my Advanced Oil Magic book, it is very comprehensive, is easy to use and has loads of super handy tips and idea.” Susan Burns.


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