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  • Omnia stickers balance out electromagnetic frequencies EMF’s from your devices.
  • Do you realise that radiation from phones, laptops & WiFi routers is causing stress in your body?
  • The Omnia Radiation Balancing sticker can be applied to any radiating device to bring balance and a harmonious flow back to your body, no matter how strong the fields (even 5G).

How does the ORB Anti Radiation Sticker Work?

  • Every atom has a wave field, an expression of its motion.
  • Imbalanced man-made microwave radiation (MWR) fields from cell phones, laptops, computers etc influence and imbalance the wave fields of balanced human cells affecting our health due to the resonance effect causing dis-ease.
  • No matter whether the field is generated by WiFi, by 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G an imbalance is caused, and the stronger the field, the more imbalance/harm is caused to the body.


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